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"Wheelhouse Why: Janet Thompson-Price"

Wheelhouse Why: Member Interview with Janet Thompson-Price

The Wheelhouse has established itself as a coworking space, a force of positivity, and a space where professionals can find the supportive, flexible, and creative environment that they need to thrive. After a successful first year of building an encouraging space for our new members, The Wheelhouse team is tackling a new question: who are we, and where do we go from here? How else can we support our members on their journey to create a positive impact, and how can we make a difference ourselves? It’s a big question, but we’re starting small by simply asking what we mean to our community. How do they want to make an impact, and how can we be a part of that positive change? We hope that this interviews series will initiate new goals and inspire us to have a positive impact in ways we hadn’t thought of before.  

Meet Janet Thompson-Price: immigration lawyer, co-founder of Atlantic Fusion Law Group, and New Brunswick’s biggest fan! Janet is passionate about welcoming newcomers to our province, creating a warm welcoming environment through her work, and through volunteering to make sure female newcomers feel welcomed and supported. She approaches her work as an immigration lawyer with kindness and motivation, making a daunting process an exciting one.  

What does the word impact mean to you and how do you hope to have an impact through your work and actions?  

“I hope I have a real impact on the clients I have served and the people I have met in the newcomer community. I try to give people very personalized service as I understand how stressful the immigration process can be.  There is no better feeling professionally then when a client and their family gets to stay in Canada.” 

Why was The Wheelhouse an appealing option for you, personally and professionally?   

“My partner works in our office in Charlottetown and I have virtual office staff. This means that my physical office is very quiet.  While my office isn’t technically in the coworking space, I really like that I can go downstairs from time to time to be with other professionals and enjoy some of the social events organized at the Wheelhouse.” 

How is being a tenant in a coworking space different than other office environments?  

“I think I have the best of both worlds. I have a beautiful office on the third floor in a historic building which gives me the privacy I need but then I can always go downstairs and be with other professionals when I need to have a little conversation. I also like the ability of helping each other out professionally.”

 Can you describe what The Wheelhouse means to you in a few short sentences?   

“I am really happy I moved into the Wheelhouse. While I have a separate business, I still feel part of an office community.” 

"Wheelhouse Why: Natalie Pavey"

Wheelhouse Why: Member Interview with Natalie Pavey 

Introducing the Wheelhouse Why Project 

The Wheelhouse is many things; it’s a coworking space, a place to learn from others and, most importantly, it’s a community. After a year of development, welcoming new members, and generating positivity, The Wheelhouse team is stepping back to consider: who are we, and where do we go from here? It’s a big question, but we’re starting by simply asking what we mean to our members. How do they want to make an impact, and how can we be a part of that positive change? We hope that member interviews will initiate new goals and inspire us to have a positive impact in ways we hadn’t thought of before.  

A Little Bit About Natalie: 

A recent triathlon enthusiast and French-to-English translator hailing from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Natalie Pavey is an active member of The Wheelhouse coworking community. Natalie finds great importance in her work. Her abilities as a translator help others communicate in a language they can’t speak, which in turn, helps them accomplish their goals. Yet, Natalie finds ways to make an impact outside of translation. Her website focuses on valuing the environment, cross cultural communication, international development, and sustainability, attracting projects founded on those ideals. Natalie hopes to continue finding ways to make a difference, whether it’s breaking down language barriers, or promoting a more sustainable way of life.  

Natalie’s thoughts on coworking: 

How did you first come across The Wheelhouse? 

“I saw an article in the Telegraph Journal when it first opened. I was interested in the community focus, and the building caught my eye.” 

What’s it like to share a workplace with a variety of people? 

“It unites us. We all work in different fields, but we share the same challenges that come with being a professional.” 

Can you describe any collaboration or moments when you and another coworking member supported each other? 

“I went to Hemmings House’s workshop about film making and wanted to make a new video for my blog. Leah (The Wheelhouse Community Coordinator) has some experience with film production, and she helped me through the whole process of making it.” 

How is The Wheelhouse community unique from other communities or working environments? How have you connected with The Wheelhouse community? 

“I’ve worked in coworking spaces before, but The Wheelhouse feels the most like a community. You really feel like you’re working together, not just beside each other. You don’t feel isolated.” 

What should future coworkers know about joining The Wheelhouse community and working in a coworking space? 

“Try to on a regular basis. When it comes to coworking, you get out of it what you put into it. Coming often helps with building ties and becoming part of the community. Working from home can be pretty isolating, so making connections is one of the biggest benefits of coworking.” 

Can you define The Wheelhouse, or what it means to you in a couple short sentences? 

“It’s a place where there’s a lot going on for personal and professional development. You can learn something professional with The Wheelhouse Institute or you can learn how to bake. You can find everything you need here, whether it’s business support or community and friends” 

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