About The Wheelhouse

The Building

Oh, it’s a red-brick beauty! The Wheelhouse’s antique features and vintage fixtures reflect Saint John’s tradition of quality and craftsmanship. Built in 1903, at the corner of Richmond and Prince Edward Streets, it’s got a rich and storied past, one driven by entrepreneurship and a legacy of small, family enterprises. You might remember it as a pharmacy. Or a bookstore. Or a tea room. The Wheelhouse has always been a place for taking care of people – their health, their social needs, their imaginations. To us, it’s a bricks-and-mortar metaphor of how community and commerce merge.

Wheelhouse of Waterloo Village Rendering

The Neighbourhood

Waterloo Village is a place where people are coming together in unprecedented ways, and we wanted to be part of its rejuvenation. Along with investing in one of the neighbourhood’s most beautiful buildings, we support its human capital, too, by giving our time and money to organizations that make life better in Waterloo Village and other so-called priority neighbourhoods across Saint John.


A Spoke on the Hub

The Wheelhouse has some fantastic neighbours working to create social change, including some of the city’s most innovative non-profit organizations. Just down the block is the Social Enterprise Hub, a locus of social-profit innovation. Founded in 2016, The Hub is scaling an entrepreneurial culture for poverty reduction and community building. Tenants include enterprising non-profit organizations, social enterprises and micro-enterprises. The Wheelhouse is proud to be a spoke on The Hub.

The Comfort Zone

The Wheelhouse isn’t simply office space. It’s a comfortable, supportive and collaborative destination for people who share Haley and Owen’s values and passion for progress. Being in The Wheelhouse means being in your comfort zone. But making change can be uncomfortable. This is a place where you can feel at ease even as you do the hard work of creating impact.

Think of it as a community centre for entrepreneurs. A place for work, but also for learning. For sharing ideas and knowledge, and maybe even a laugh and a beer, too. We know some of your most important work takes place after office hours. That’s why we host events such as our potluck dinners around our communal dining table, to connect good people with good ideas over good food.

The Owners

Haley and Owen Green are small business owners with the same challenges, love of family and hopes for our community as you. We work hard, have fun and try to do good in the world.

We know success is about more than money. We’re proud to be the first accountants in Canada to be a B Corporation. That means we value people and the planet as much as profit. We have meaningful relationships with our clients. We partner with small businesses and non-profits that align with our values. If you, too, believe business can be a force for good, let’s chat. We’d love to share our space with you.

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