Working Hard or Hardly Working: Searching For Productivity

When it comes to productivity, there are so many factors to take into consideration. The smallest things like motivation, distractions, or the environment in which you’re working can have a monumental impact on your productivity but can be taken care of once you find a space that offers the support you need. This said, here are three important things to consider when trying to find the perfect space to get stuff done:

  • Distractions

If you’re a freelancer or remote worker without a set office, the comforts of home will soon become the distractions of home. It’s difficult to find a balance between work and play in a setting that you associate with play, or offers enough temptations to convince you not to work. A coffee shop offers a similar problem. Oftentimes, a coffee shop offers a lounge setting that many people will take advantage of to catch up with a friend, talk on the phone, or meet new people. While this is certainly nice, it’s far from a distraction free environment. In a coworking space, you’ll not only receive all the comforts of home, but you’ll be surrounded by people who are also working hard. Better still, in a coworking space, casual chats with your coworkers can spark new ideas, new connections, and create networking opportunities: you’ll be productive without even knowing it! Comfort, no distractions, free coffee: what more could you want?

  • Generating New Ideas

Hubs of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers are all an incredible asset to your work. While home offices and coffee shops are certainly nice short term, the coworking alternative offers the interaction with other entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals that can increase your productivity and business connections.  Coworking not only provides community and relationships with likeminded people, it also provides an endless amount of resources and support. It has a special way of connecting people you never would have expected to meet.

  • Other People Being Productive = You Being Productive

Finding the motivation to be productive, or that spark of inspiration, is something that many professionals strive for, and something that is heavily influenced by where you choose to work. Working from home is certainly appealing, but there’s also little external motivation to enhance your productivity. The same can be said of the coffee shop. Although there are fewer distractions, there’s little of the support that’s essential for professional growth. In a coworking space, you’ll be surrounded by other working professionals, encouraging you to keep your focus. Better yet, a room full of likeminded individuals can offer advice, support, and business connections: resources that are incredibly beneficial to professionals.

When in search of a place to work, it’s all about what your workplace has to offer you, considering what you need to be productive. Not only does everyone work differently, but every space prioritizes different things, or has a specific purpose. All you need to do is find a space that motivates you or caters to your needs as a professional, whether that be in a home office, a coffee shop, or a coworking space.

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