What I’ve Learned During My First 4 Months At The Wheelhouse

There’s nothing quite like working out of a creative, inventive space, where every day is a unique experience, filled with friendly faces motivated towards creating positive change. I’ve had the incredible experience of working as an intern at The Wheelhouse of Waterloo Village for four months, witnessing the impact of a community inspired by making a difference. While The Wheelhouse has certainly taught me a lot this summer, here are three of the most important things that I’ve learned over the last four months:

  • Social Media and Marketing

The Wheelhouse has completely changed my perspective on social media. Marketing for a new business unlocks a whole other side of social media, giving me a broader understanding of how vital a platform is for networking, connecting, and reaching a diverse audience of potential members and customers. I had to consider that every word is something that can influence a potential connection when writing a new post, that details like word choice, graphics, and consistency are all a part of extending The Wheelhouse’s warm environment onto the internet.

  • The Beauty of a Coworking Community

Having had very little knowledge of coworking prior to my time at The Wheelhouse, I got to experience its benefits from a new perspective. My first impression was that coworking was something that everyone did differently. Some members preferred to stay in the main coworking space, sitting comfortably and taking part in the action happening around them. Others enjoyed the quiet of the lounge space or the patio, finding their sense of community through Wheelhouse events or course offerings. Similarly, while Wheelhouse tenants enjoyed all the amenities of their office, they were no strangers to the coworking space, often visiting for a quick conversation, or a change of scenery. The building is full of people experiencing coworking differently, and coming from different professional backgrounds and skill sets, yet everyone was still receiving all the professional support of a traditional office, with the bonus of flexibility and networking opportunities. Throughout the entirety of my internship, I continued to see evidence of Wheelhouse members committed to having a positive impact and receiving the support they needed from their fellow coworkers. It is so encouraging to see people who, professionally speaking, have little in common, working together to help each other make a difference.

  • Positive Impacts

Within my first week of working at The Wheelhouse, it was evident that everyone I was working with was motivated towards making their community, their professions, and Waterloo Village the best they could be. They are determined to be forces of positive change and help others make a difference in their personal and professional lives. Whether that be through something as simple as offering encouragement or support, sharing knowledge or skills with the community through Lunch and Learns, or working as a community to make kinder, stronger, businesses. The Wheelhouse community is dedicated to being forces of positive change. Through member interviews especially, I’ve seen that The Wheelhouse community believes that they can make their community a better place through their careers, and acts of patience and kindness, making our building a vibrant, encouraging space.

At The Wheelhouse, every day brings a new experience, a new friendly face, something exciting to learn. In a space that’s creative and encouraging, I’ve not only learned a new writing style, but I’ve also seen all the amazing outcomes of belonging to a coworking space.  In just four months, I’ve had the opportunity to see just how far kindness in business can go, and how a group of people motivated towards having an impact can make a really big difference.

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