It Takes A Village: Why Waterloo Village Is The Perfect Location For The Wheelhouse

Within The Wheelhouse’s first year of opening, we have fostered incredible relationships with our community. Our position in Waterloo Village provides us with unique opportunities to connect with businesses, non-profits, and individuals inspired by creating positive change. Our presence is more than just a building; we have become a space for people to thrive, give each other opportunities, bring all ideas regarding positive change under one roof. But why Waterloo Village? Why is it the perfect place for us to support others in having an impact?

  • Central Location

Evidently, being situated mere minutes away from the heart of Uptown Saint John is an extremely valuable asset. We are easy to find, and can be reached quickly on foot, or by public transportation, meaning that the commute isn’t a grave issue for many members, participants in events or workshops, or potential clients. Further, there’s the added appeal of enjoying one’s lunch hour Uptown or taking part in an event after work. Convenience is a great way to lift some unnecessary stress off someone’s shoulders, and our location is one of many ways that The Wheelhouse is able to do so. Waterloo Village gives The Wheelhouse the opportunity to have a positive impact in a community that needs a little extra love and attention. Our diverse network of members draws business, attention, and resources into the community, presenting opportunities to politely make a positive impact. Our location puts us in the perfect place to offer support, foster new ideas, and spread positivity in business, in our members, and in our neighbourhood.

  • Network of Social Enterprises and Non-Profits

Positive interactions create a positive space, and Waterloo Village has a web of organizations motivated to create positive social change. Places like The Hub, Outflow, and The TRC were already immense forces for change within the neighbourhood, and The Wheelhouse was eager to assist and encourage them in having a positive impact. The Wheelhouse is a place where people can connect and generate new ideas, a space for good ideas to develop and flourish.  We want to be an open, supportive place that can make a difference, and Waterloo Village was the perfect community in which to collaborate, connect, and support one another.

  • Bridging the Gap Between Waterloo Village and Uptown Saint John

The Wheelhouse’s location in Waterloo Village was the perfect space to connect the for profit and non-profit parts of the city, and to foster meaningful relationships with both parties. Situated perfectly in between Uptown Saint John and the heart of Waterloo Village, The Wheelhouse is a great place for people to meet halfway and seek to make either side of town the best it can be.  Our building is where business and non-profit coincide, a way for us to bring people of any profession under one roof to share ideas and contribute towards positive social change.

Waterloo Village has much to offer its residents, its businesses, and its organizations, making it an excellent location to harbour forces for good. An optimistic environment like this makes Waterloo Village an encouraging place to connect with others and cultivate even more positive plans. The Wheelhouse is proud to be a place where people can gather to have a positive impact, in a neighbourhood that cares.

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