5 Things You Should Know If You’re Considering Coworking

In recent years, coworking has become increasingly popular, attracting people from countless professions who are looking to experience more engaging, creative work environment. Each coworking space is different and offers unique experiences to their coworkers, so it’s important to know what you’re hoping to get out of your coworking space. There’s a lot to consider, but there are five important things you should know about coworking whilst searching for your perfect coworking space.

  • Does the vibe of the space suit your needs? (Louder and more conversational/ quiet and individualistic/ a mix of the two?)

Always keep in mind that a coworking space is where you’re going to need to be productive and comfortable. Pick a space that has a vibe you’ll be able to work to your utmost potential in. For example, if you’re someone who likes a lot of background noise when they’re working, choose a high energy coworking space with lots of traffic and communal space. However, if you’re someone who likes complete silence when you’re working, be sure to pick a space with quieter coworkers, and a nice space where you can work alone if you need to. If you’re uncomfortable and unproductive in your coworking space, it’s probably not a good fit for you. Take a good look around, be observant! Most coworking spaces have a drop-in rate, so you can experience the space and see if it’s the right fit for you before you purchase a membership. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all!

  • Can the coworking space accommodate you professionally?

If you’re work requires you to be on the phone frequently, or meeting with clients, then these are things you need to consider when scoping out a coworking space. The right space for you will meet all your needs and allow you to work with ease. If you’re meeting with clients, make sure that they have a conference room that can be available, and have a quiet space to make calls are all things you should take into consideration. Your coworking space should be someplace where you can work with ease, and if it can offer you everything you need, it’ll just make your coworking experience all the better!

  • What does the space offer to create a sense of community?

Every coworking space approaches community differently, so all you have to do is find one that matches your needs. Some spaces are not community oriented at all, whereas others are very focused on networking and connecting. If you’re someone who craves community, try to look for a space with lots of events and activities that you can be apart of. However, if you’re someone who prefers a more subdued environment, find a space where your social obligations are limited to friendly conversations with your desk mates!

  • Do they have space where you can choose to work comfortably (couches, lounges, etc.) or at a desk?

Being able to work comfortably is important, so when looking for your perfect coworking space, see what they can offer you in terms of comfort. Do they have couches, lounges, or cozy chairs? Are there lots of different places where you can sit and work? Places like these are not only great for productivity, but they also create an awesome setting in which to form personal relationships with your fellow coworkers.

  • What do they offer besides a place to work?

The special thing about coworking is that each coworking space offers something different. Sometimes their offerings are something included in the price, such as free coffee/tea and snacks, but other times, they might offer an engaging community, a welcoming environment, or kind, likeminded people. If there’s a coworking space that you’re interested in, see if you can drop in for the day. Engage with some of the people coworking there and try to imagine yourself working there everyday.

When it comes to coworking, every space offers something unique. There’s no “right way” to cowork, just like there’s no “perfect coworking space”. Everyone’s experience with coworking is inimitable; everyone works differently, and each coworking space offers them a unique community and environment. Regardless of where you choose to cowork, coworking is an incomparable experience. It offers a whole new level of support, encouragement, and professional engagement that you truly cannot get anywhere but a coworking space.

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