3 Ways To Break The Ice At Your New Coworking Space

Coworking spaces often discuss the beauty of the communities they’ve built, but when you’re about to join that community for the first time, those first introductions can be intimidating. Although you certainly don’t have to be nervous, there are three important things to remember when you’re the new kid on the block and looking to connect with others at your coworking space.   

  • Sit in communal spaces for the first few days

Something important to keep in mind is that you’ll be more likely to meet new people if you’re around people. Take some time to sit in communal spaces; you’ll become more familiar, more approachable, and appear as if you’re interested in engaging with your new coworkers. Further, you’ll also become more familiar with the pace of the coworking space, perhaps giving you more confidence to introduce yourself or interact with the space itself.

  • Mix personal and professional conversation

Coworking is so much more than sharing an office space, it’s about building relationships, making connections, and growing both personally and professionally in a shared space. This said, you can’t build well rounded relationships with your new coworkers if you are keeping your conversations one-sided. When meeting someone new, try to present an honest picture of yourself. Discuss your job, your hobbies, and be open and engaging in the face of new conversation. The relationships you build while coworking are invaluable, so be open minded; the beauty of coworking is that you never know who you’ll meet, and what they can offer.

  • Participate in events

Because so many coworking spaces are passionate about building community, they often offer events that are a great way to connect with new people. You’ll not only learn something new, but you’ll be sharing an experience with other coworkers. Events create opportunities to have a conversation and meet new people, so when you participate in events and workshops, it shows that you’re interested in being a part of the community.

Each coworking community is unique. Every space will boast different professionals, different events, and different dynamics. While it may seem intimidating at first, the beauty of these invaluable spaces is that they all have something special to offer you, including the relationships you make while you’re in that space. Further still, remember that your new coworkers will learn something from you as well. Coworking is a learning experience for everyone, and you get to contribute to that.

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