3 Things I Learned In My First Month At The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse is a creative, innovative, and imaginative space, where no two days are exactly the same. Working at The Wheelhouse means that each day is a new experience filled with happy faces, kind people, and creative collaboration. Even after two and a half months in this beautiful building, each day continues to be an exciting learning curve for me. Although The Wheelhouse team has taught me more tips and tricks than I can count, I have no doubt that these are the top three most important things I’ve learned during my first month at The Wheelhouse!

  1. Intro to Coworking

Before The Wheelhouse, my knowledge of coworking was limited, and I was unsure how I would fit into the mix, or what coworkers would expect of me as an intern. Within my first two weeks, I became acquainted with The Wheelhouse members, all of whom experienced coworking differently. Some preferred the hot desk approach and were a regular presence in communal spaces. Others were tenants, and although they worked primarily in their private offices, they were still a regular presence within the building. There were also members with corporate memberships, or people who frequently rented the space for meetings and conferences. Regardless of how the members chose to work, they quickly revealed the primary appeal to coworking: community. People, who were very different professionally speaking, had all found their way to this collaborative space, and were finding unique ways to support and encourage each other.  It was uplifting to see a building full of people going out of their way to be kind and create a positive impact in a neighbourhood that needed patience and attention.

  • Social Media for Business

Social media was something I was certainly not a stranger to, but using social media for something besides self expression was uncharted territory for me. I had to learn how to use social media to direct attention to The Wheelhouse, to have a presence that caught people’s eye. There was a strategy to it that I’d never considered before. I was taught that wording, timing, and frequency were staples in a successful social media platform. Marketing strategy, and reaching an intended audience are evolving goals, and are skills that I’ll have the pleasure of learning for the duration of my time at The Wheelhouse.

  • Promotional Writing 101

A new voice, a new audience, and a new goal: switching from informative to promotional writing was a personal challenge during my first month at The Wheelhouse. It involved rewiring my brain to reconsider the purpose of what I was writing. How I was presenting research, an idea, or an interview had to be tailored to appeal to a new audience, who would have entirely different intentions when reading my posts. Rather than writing for a grade, I was writing to invite people into The Wheelhouse community, or encouraging people to visit the coworking space, and participate in events and workshops. It was a welcome challenge to adopt a warmer, more persuasive writing style, for the sake of bringing people together.

As of now, I’ve had the pleasure of working at The Wheelhouse for two and a half months, and every day continues to be a new experience. Whether it’s an exciting new skill, person, or event, this beautiful building continues to provide me with a new learning curve everyday. I look forward to seeing what The Wheelhouse, and the next month and a half, have to teach me.

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